Transfer Credits Grade-9-12

Transfer Credits

Students may  transfer  in credits from other accredited schools by submitting transcripts for review by Academy staff. Academy administration will determine whether the credits qualify for transfer. Courses that have different titles than those listed above in the Graduation Requirements section must be submitted to Academy’s administration with accompanying course descriptions for review. Academy’s administration will determine whether those courses will meet graduation requirements.

Graduation  Requirements

Academy offers a diploma to its full time students which is fully accredited by AdvancED. In order to receive  a diploma, students must earn  the following credits:

English/Language Arts (4 credits)

English I                                                                                                                1 credit English II                                                                                                               1 credit English III                                                                                                             1 credit English IV                                                                         1 credit

Mathematics (3 credits)

Algebra I                                                                                                             1 credit Geometry                                                       1 credit Additional Math                                                   1 credit

Science (3 credits)

Biology                                                                        1 credit Physical Science                                                1 credit Additional Science                                              1 credit

Social Studies (3.5 credits)

Geography                                                               .5 credit World History                                                          1 credit American History                                                1 credit American Government                                     .5 credit Economics                                                 .5 credit

Art (CTE courses can count)                       1 credit Electives                                                         7 credit Total                                                                   21.5 credits